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(Mediators, Arbitrators and Solicitors)

Disputes are generally an inevitable part of human interaction; while we invest in dispute avoidance mechanisms, we must also be prepared for the possibility of disagreements and disappointments.

At NOISE & BLUE we offer a three-step dispute management service covering professional guidance at preparatory, engagement and conflict eruption stages. 

The needs of our clients are of utmost importance and we understand the desire of parties to resolve their disputes without ruining existing commercial, family and social relationships; this is why we are the go to ADR professionals who encourage aggrieved parties to peacefully meet at the resolution table, avoiding the length of time, hostilities and expenses that litigation may attract.

We are focused on developing ADR practice knowledge and experience;  creating a safe and confidential environment for aggrieved parties to effectively report and manage various forms of conflicts.

We are open to individual and corporate partnerships; business and developmental opportunities within and outside Nigeria.

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“… seeking alternative means of dispute resolution is not a sign of weakness”